At Smarter Employment Solutions we are dedicated to ensuring we fully understand your business and your staffing requirements.

Have you fully considered what your staffing options are ? We are here to discuss your business and how you can make the most of the most valuable asset in your company , your staff.

Do you need advice on employment law or your employment options ? Give us a call.

Have you been sent candidates in the past who just didnt meet the remit of the role ? Did you waste time interviewing these staff ? Here at Smarter Employment Solutions we will ensure all candidates sent to you meet the requirements you set out.  Did you ever offer the role to a candidate only to find out the pre employment checks required to work within your organisation were not met ? At Smarter Employment Solutions we will not send you candidates if they cannot meet these requirements, wasting your valuable management time.

Do you find yourself unable to secure the time to advertise for roles ? At Smarter Employment Solutions we do all the background work for you . With a large number of candidates Cv`s at our disposal we can instantly check our database for any candidates we have who will fulfill your needs, contact candidates for their availability and do all the necessary checks.

Do you have staff requirements either temporary or permanent, give us a call or drop us an email to see how we can help you to work `Smarter not Harder`.